The King’s Lynn Shakespeare Festival

22nd and 24th April 2021

St George’s Guildhall, King Street, King’s Lynn PE30 1HA

About the festival

During these festivals we wish both to celebrate the work of the greatest dramatic poet that the world has ever known, and we also strive for the fullest exploration that the known evidence will allow, to trace and to understand King’s Lynn’s possible connection with the man and his work.

The Artistic Director of the King’s Lynn Shakespeare Festival Theatre Company, Andrew Jarvis, writes: 

I have been a professional actor for 50 years. The last 40 of those years have been spent predominantly in the works of Shakespeare – and as a result, he has become my major passion and focus. As well as my work as an actor, director, and actor trainer in and around the works of Shakespeare, I am the President of the Sunday Shakespeare Society. I am also a Board Member of the British Shakespeare Association, and Chair of its Fellowship Committee.

I became a resident of King’s Lynn just over three years ago and live in the village of Clenchwarton just outside the town. Since arriving here, I have learned more and more about the town’s extraordinarily rich history, and it is a journey which has lead me to believe that a life for the performance of the works of Shakespeare would be something which the town both warrants and deserves. Indeed, its contemporary cultural life is a further factor which lends encouragement to my belief.

Therefore, I have been considering the possibility of creating Shakespearean performance here in King’s Lynn for some time. However, the specific impetus to hold a Shakespeare Festival fully materialised when I became aware of evidence which might lead us to believe that Shakespeare, the man, the player and the writer, has a very specific and personal relationship with the town.

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